LearningNest Premier

Manage, deliver and optimise your training programme with our eLearning Premier package.

Designed to help you supercharge your eLearning journey, our feature-rich platform gives you the power to automate the end-to-end process, from enrolment to communication and reporting. It does all the hard work for you by significantly reducing the time you spend setting up and administering learning across your organisation.

The platform includes:

  • 126 Health & Safety, Performance and Compliance courses
  • Next-level compliance and risk management features
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities

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Comprehensive, compliance-based eLearning

In the era of hybrid work, a robust eLearning solution has never been more important to an organisation’s success.

Delivered via our online learning platform, LearningNest, our eLearning Premier package is specifically designed for small and medium-sized organisations with an emerging or established culture of compliance, looking for more than just access to a course library.

Our learning management system includes everything you would expect from an eLearning platform, plus so much more.

  • Get access to our full suite of Health & Safety courses, plus a curated selection of Performance and Compliance courses
  • Unlock comprehensive org management and MI, policy and document management, and risk assessment checklists
  • Keep learners engaged and maximise impact with different course formats to suit different learning styles
  • Improve efficiency, and effortlessly accommodate a growing workforce, with automated user enrolment
  • Maintain a full audit trail of users’ activity with advanced reporting tools
  • Ensure quality, relevance and credibility: many of our courses are CPD, RoSPA and IOSH approved

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LearningNest Premier

Choose a plan that works for you


A cost-effective training solution for smaller organisations.

Essentials features:


Best suited to SMEs with an emerging compliance culture.

Premier features:

Everything included in our Essentials service, plus:


A sophisticated package for mature L&D strategies.

Enterprise features:

Everything included in our Premier service, plus:

Explore our course types

We offer a holistic catalogue of courses and different ways of delivering them

Popular FAQs

Common questions about our e-Learning courses.

Are the courses accredited?

Our courses are CPD certified and approved by RoSPA.

Do learners receive certificates?

Yes. Certificates are automatically generated via LearningNest when a user successfully completes a course.

How often do you upgrade content?

Our courses are regularly updated and maintained; any legislative changes affecting our content are made straightaway and topic areas are refreshed every 18-24 months.

Are courses mobile-friendly?

Our courses are responsively designed and fully accessible on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devises. Our MyAstute app also allows content to be downloaded and accessed via a mobile device, allowing for offline access to content, with results automatically synced with the platform when next in internet connectivity.

Are the courses specific to industry sectors?

Our courses have been created as general awareness modules suitable for any industry, with some sector-specific content to strengthen the LearningNest Professional offering. These are:

• FCA suite of courses: a set of nine courses specifically designed for any organisation regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
• Education Edition: a set of 17 courses specifically designed for any education provider with University/HE, College/FE and Schools versions of these courses.

What is the average run time of a course?

The average length of a course varies depending on the style of course, with formats available to suit all requirements. Our Detailed Study courses, which are typically longer and more detailed, take between 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Immersive courses are typically between 10 and 30 minutes in duration, and courses in our Take 5 series are typically five minutes in duration. We then have some Adaptive and Diagnostic Assessments that provide personalised training paths, meaning each user will have a personal run time depending on their current knowledge level; this ranges from 10 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes.

Do your courses have an assessment?

Our Detailed Study, Immersive and Adaptive courses have assessments built in to assess and record users’ comprehension of the learning; these are pre-set to a pass rate of 80%. Our Take 5 courses have an assessment built in to aid the learning process, but these assessments don’t contain a pass mark.

Can you report on completion?

Yes. LearningNest comes with a full analytics area that has a wide variety of reporting capabilities, which includes a visual dashboard, standard reports, and a report builder, to ensure the data required is accessible. Using the xAPI format to capture completion data allows granular data to be stored, such as question-by-question responses from users, allowing greater insights to be made.

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