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Meet PeopleNest (delivered by Youmanage), the ambitious all-in-one HR system that combines cutting-edge security, intelligent automation and analytics to help your business grow.


  • Informative reporting and analytics to drive your organisation;
  • A way for employees to update their personal information;
  • Absence tracking for holidays, sickness and time off in lieu; and
  • Ultra-secure cloud storage for your employee data.

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HR software for ambitious organisations

PeopleNest provides next-level HR capabilities, allowing you to stay compliant, reduce admin costs and increase productivity. It also equips people managers and HR professionals with all the tools, insight and guidance they need for success.

Keen to give your people managers and HR team a higher focus? Find that time is often wasted trying to locate and analyse information stored across multiple channels?

With PeopleNest’s intelligent HR automation and powerful workflow, you can empower your team to solve business challenges and maximise the effectiveness of each and every employee.

Drive growth in all areas of your business

  • Unite your team with a single database: Give back countless hours to your HR team. Less time spent gathering employee information from across numerous spreadsheets means they can focus on building a winning culture that benefits everyone.
  • Stay secure and rest assured: Sleep easy. Our cloud HR software contains cutting-edge security and privacy features designed to keep your employee data safe and ensure you remain fully compliant with the GDPR.
  • Improve decision-making with better reporting: Drill down into the statistics. Making sense of complicated data can be a challenge for any team; with PeopleNest, you can easily produce and analyse comprehensive reports covering all matter of HR information, enabling better decision-making across your business, not just in HR.
  • Communicate virtually with your team from anywhere: Keep everyone up-to-date and informed, even from home. Make sure all employees can access vital HR information from anywhere, at any time.
  • See the bigger picture with team hierarchies: Assign line managers to employees, and entire teams to line managers, allowing for better organisation throughout your company.
  • Manage holiday requests and absences more easily than ever before: Combine with reporting to get useful insights into absence trends across your business and drive decisions that will make a difference.

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3 comprehensive HR elements

Detailed and dynamic reporting

In order to better understand what’s going on within their organisation, HR professionals and people managers require greater insights into employee data.

PeopleNest gives you access to the best and most comprehensive HR analytics tool available. Identify links between business problems and workforce trends, get real-time insight into what employees are thinking, and speed up commercial decisions by arming yourself with business-critical data.

Popular FAQs

Common queries about PeopleNest.

Will I be able to run reports?

HR users and managers can have access to reporting (subject to management permissions/set-up),  and there are over 75 built-in reports available.

Can employees request TOIL and/or overtime?

Yes. If your organisational policy is to offer this, employees can request overtime and TOIL as well as holiday and absence, if required.

Is the system self-service for employees?

Yes. Employees can access the application to view and update their own details, request absence and view company and their own documentation.

Do you have a mobile app?

The application is mobile responsive and therefore available on any device from your mobile browser.

Do you have two factor authentication?

Yes. You can ask all users to use 2FA or individual groups of users.

Can you stop someone from accessing the application out of the office?

Yes. You can set up an allowable IP list to ensure users are accessing the application in a secured environment.

Can you train the whole HR team or just one person?

As many people as required can attend the training session, although we recommend only the key users take part.

How long will the training take?

There will be an initial two-hour 1-2-1 training session and there will be ongoing support available should you need it, via the client support services team.

How will I be trained / how will I train my colleagues?

Training will take place online, using either GoToMeeting or Microsoft Teams. You will be well supported and provided with ongoing support as required.

Where will our data be held?

Your data will be stored securely on our servers based in the UK.

Does the data get backed-up regularly?

Yes, nightly back-ups are carried out over a seven-day rolling period and a weekly off-site back-up is also done.

What support will we receive once we are live?

Following successful completion of your training, the client support services team offers email, telephone and in-app support.

We chose to adopt PeopleNest (delivered by Youmanage) over other systems because of its look and feel, its functional effectiveness, and above all the excellent help we had from the WorkNest team (formerly Youmanage) when we were coming to a decision. Functionality is perfect, intuitive and built to suit all of our organisational needs, unlike many more expensive products. Our HR Team love every aspect of the system – it’s easy to administer and extremely flexible. Above all, customer service is far beyond our expectations. Lastly, well done to WorkNest for running such an efficient outfit – keep up the good work!”

Paul Stone
Group HR Director, Uniserve Group 

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