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Need an employment lawyer in Bristol? We’re here to help. WorkNest’s lawyers operate across the country offering expert employment law advice while saving on cost. With traditional law firms, the bills mount up quickly, our fixed-fee option aims to change that.

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Here at WorkNest, we offer high-quality, fixed-fee employment law support to employers in Bristol and across the UK. Our team of legal experts aim to ensure that you can manage any and all workforce challenges quickly and compliantly through our advice and support.

Bristol has always been a major hub on Britain’s west coast, and our team are proud to offer employment law support for Bristolian businesses. No matter where you’re located, our employment lawyers are there to offer you all the advice you need, taking on a role as a high-quality extension of your team.

By working with us, you’ll be assigned a small team of fully-qualified employment lawyers in Bristol who are there to provide you with ongoing support. From general advice and guidance to dealing with compliance issues and producing necessary documentation, our support team is there for you.

From independent retailers to large firms and manufacturing operations, we are proud to be giving Bristol’s businesses the support they need. Our diverse skill set ensures that we can offer you the bespoke support your business needs.

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At WorkNest, we’re known for our bespoke service and the quality of our support. Not only is our expertise unmatched, but we take the time to know you so that we can function as a true extension of your team.

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As an employer, it’s only natural that you’ll find yourself having a better working relationship with some employees than others. However, when favouritism occurs it can seriously damage your reputation, or even lead to a tribunal. From offering certain employees more perks, to being particularly lenient, while not always illegal, favouritism is always unwise.

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While an employee withdrawing a grievance they submitted might seem like a full resolution has occurred, this is rarely the case. It’s important to understand why they have withdrawn the grievance and reassure them that the grievance has been taken seriously. Grievances are often very difficult to deal with, so it is often best to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

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While you may want to consider an employee’s previous absence record during the hiring process, the law is very strict on asking health or disability questions during recruitment. Generally, asking these kinds of questions, or even how many sick days the applicant took in their previous role is not permissible. If you make an unconditional offer and withdraw it due to the applicant’s sickness record you will be in breach of contact and the applicant may be eligible to damages or compensation.

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