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When in need of advice on workforce matters, you want to speak to someone who really knows what they’re talking about – you need an Employment Law expert. This is especially true when dealing with complex employee relations issues, where the scope for legal risk is higher.

What does an employment law expert do?

An employment law expert can support your organisation in the same way an in-house legal adviser would. They will get to know you, how you operate and the specific challenges you face so they can provide tailored, pragmatic advice with your best interests in mind.

They will foster an ongoing relationship with key members of the team and keep you informed of any employment law changes that may affect how you operate. A good employment law expert will turn complex legislation into clear, practical advice, providing step-by step guidance through any employment obstacles you encounter, highlighting any potential pitfalls and helping you to avoid them.


The difference an employment law expert can make

From poor performance to misconduct issues, no organisation is immune to people problems. However, in many cases, employers simply aren’t sure about the correct process to follow, don’t understand the legal position, or simply don’t have the time to give these issues the attention they deserve. In truth, if you’re not an expert in employment law, the potential for missteps is significant, and situations can drag on for longer than is necessary.

According to estimates, 25% of organisations struggle to understand employment law. Without expert guidance, employers are at risk of falling foul of complicated employment regulations, which can lead to expensive disputes and legal challenges.

In the worst case scenario, missteps can lead to an Employment Tribunal claim. Unfortunately for employers, now that Tribunal fees have been scrapped, there’s nothing to stop litigious employees pursuing legal action. With the average award for unfair dismissal sitting at almost £14,000 and discrimination claims costing closer to £30,000, the cost of going it alone can be significant. Of course, as well as the impact on your bottom line, there’s also reputational damage to consider.

As well as protecting your organisation from the rising threat of Employment Tribunal claims, leaning on a professional can:

WorkNest: The fixed-fee Employment Law experts

In the hunt for sound employment law advice, most employers will turn to a law firm, believing this to be the only option available when professional support is required. However, hourly fees mean costs can mount up fast, and if you’re dealing with a particularly complex situation, you can expect to receive a significant bill.

At WorkNest, our personalised, fixed-fee service combines the quality of advice offered by a leading law firm with complete cost transparency, giving you access to qualified support whenever you need it, without having to watch the clock. Plus, no matter how much your organisation grows, your fees will remain the same.

To ensure we deliver a service that truly works for you, our advisers are measured on responsiveness, client satisfaction, and quality of advice. Our current score is 94%.
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Advice you can trust

To guarantee the best possible advice, we only hire the best people, with the best qualifications and commercial acumen. In fact. Our Employment Law experts have a wealth of experience in handling all types of workplace legal issues, as well as sector-specific knowledge of the particular challenges impacting organisations like yours.

No matter how simple or complex the situation, with our unlimited, fixed-fee service, professional advice is just a phone call away. Get help with:

  • Grievance and disciplinary
  • Performance issues
  • Sickness absence
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Redundancy
  • Pay
  • Terms and conditions
speaking to an employment law expert

For added protection, our advice is backed up by independent, FCA-regulated Legal Expenses Insurance to protect your organisation in the event of an Employment Tribunal claim. Thankfully however, owing to the expertise of our Employment Law experts, we reduce the risk of a claim by c.77% as compared to the national average. 

"I believe that a contract with WorkNest is the best possible use of company funds."
Managing Director, PVC Building Supplies

Whether you’re:

  • currently facing a difficult employee situation;
  • have limited HR support;
  • need a complete review of your contracts and policies; or
  • just want proactively protect your organisation against future people problems

outsourcing your Employment Law to our expert team can save you valuable time and money and set your organisation on the right track.

To discuss your specific needs and find out more about the support available through WorkNest, call 0345 226 8393 or request your free consultation using the button below.

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