Proactive Compliance | regulatory updates and recent prosecutions

Keen to stay ahead of evolving OHS expectations and strengthen your approach to workplace safety and compliance?

In this informative 60-minute session, you’ll learn about recent updates to health and safety legislation, gain insight into regulators’ current priorities, and receive a recap of significant prosecutions from the year so far. Plus, how might these developments influence your compliance duties and organisational strategies?

16 May at 12.00 pm


Staying up to speed with legislative changes and active campaigns is crucial for workplace safety and compliance.

From the HSE expanding its Asbestos: Your Duty campaign to significant changes in building safety regulations, it’s undoubtedly a very busy time for OHS professionals, with more changes possibly on the horizon.

Indeed, with the looming prospect of a general election, potential shifts in government policies surrounding environmental and health and safety issues could further reshape the compliance landscape.

But it’s not just regulations that employers and OHS professionals must be alert to. With companies prosecuted all the time for breaches of health and safety law, understanding the outcomes of such cases and adapting your own protocols accordingly is crucial to continuous improvement and protecting your people and organisation.

In this one-hour free session, WorkNest’s Director of Health & Safety Services, Nick Wilson, and Senior Health & Safety Lead, Andrew Hall, will provide a helpful update on recent and upcoming legislative changes and what’s on the HSE’s agenda. Our hosts will also distil valuable lessons from recent prosecution cases to help you strengthen your systems and procedures, enhance training programmes, and reinforce best practices.

Given the extensive duties health and safety professionals bear in ensuring their employees’ wellbeing, understanding these evolving expectations and implementing the necessary changes is essential to a proactive risk management approach.

What's on the agenda?

  • Key legislation update: Get the lowdown on recent legislative developments, including changes to building safety regulations and the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill (Martyn’s Law). Plus, learn about other updates that are on the horizon so that you can prepare well in advance and avoid any last-minute surprises that may compromise your compliance.
  • Regulatory campaigns and focuses: Gain insights into the HSE’s current priorities and their implications for your organisation. Understand the regulator’s expectations and learn proactive measures to satisfy the HSE that you are compliant with evolving standards, ensuring you’re inspection-ready.
  • Case round-up and lessons learned: Receive a round-up of recent prosecution cases, highlighting the key failings that led to serious health and safety incidents and breaches of health and safety law. We’ll also share actionable strategies for avoiding similar scenarios, empowering you to effectively mitigate these risks in your workplace.

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Webinar review

Having attended a few WorkNest webinars, I am always impressed with the no-nonsense, well-balanced guidance they provide.  Their advice gives me confidence to deal with situations that may arise in an appropriate way and the fact that they follow up with answers to all the questions posed during the webinar is an added bonus.”

Mary Greig, Scaled Solutions

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