Environmental Sustainability in Health and Social Care | implementing the CQC's guidelines


Environmental sustainability has emerged as a critical quality statement in the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) new single assessment framework, specifically within the Well-Led domain. Introduced as part of the CQC’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and safety of care, this new focus aims to ensure that health and social care providers contribute to a sustainable environment. This policy change reflects a broader recognition of healthcare services’ impact on the environment and the necessity for sustainable practices.

This is a new assessment area for all CQC-registered providers. NHS trusts are already been assessed in this area and all other providers will be assessed on these criteria from approximately March 2025. For many organisations, this will be the first time they are evaluated on their environmental sustainability practices. Understanding the impact of climate change and  the implementation low carbon initiatives is essential for future compliance and demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, which can enhance  public health.

25 July, 11.00 - 11.30 am

What's on the agenda?

In this upcoming webinar, Care 4 Quality’s Head of Policies, Natasha Heasman, will help you prepare for these assessments, offering insights based on the latest CQC guidance. By understanding and implementing these sustainability measures now, you can ensure your organisation is well-prepared, compliant, and ahead in promoting environmental responsibility. We will also:

  • Explore the CQC’s new environmental sustainability Quality Statement and related best practice guidance. 

    Share practical tips in implementing environmental sustainability initiatives within health and social care services (based on our current understanding of the CQC’s requirements)

    Discuss the importance of developing an environmental sustainability policy.

Have a question?

If you have a specific query you would like us to answer, submit it when signing up – we’ll address as many as we can at the end of the session.

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Training Session | New CQC Framework

Our specialised training equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and digest the latest quality statements and new CQC inspection methodologies. Through interactive sessions conducted remotely via MS Teams, you’ll delve into New Quality Statements, New Inspection Methodology, and The Six Types of Evidence and Implications for Service.


“Thorough training session, very informative and useful, well paced delivery with the opportunity to give feedback. Use of polls was great.”

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