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Fire hazards

Overloaded plug sockets. Faulty electrical equipment. Heaters covered or left plugged in. All of these hazards aren’t difficult to imagine within the workplace, and the effects can be devastating.

Unlike most other safety concerns, if fire hazards aren’t controlled properly, they have the potential to injure or kill large numbers of people very quickly. Even if harm is avoided, the costs of a serious fire can be significant, and many businesses do not recover.

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Protect your people and property from fire risk

Fires happen in all industries. In some, where there are large quantities of waste and combustible materials, dust build-up and/or flammable liquids and vapours, the risk is amplified.

Whether you’re a school or a manufacturing facility, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, you must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can escape safely should one occur. If you’re not equipped to manage this risk yourself, WorkNest and our partners can help.

  • Ensure your fire safety arrangements are effective and review and remedy potential fire hazards through an on-site health and safety audit (General Risk Assessment)
  • Get a more in-depth picture of fire risk with a specific Fire Risk Assessment, provided either by ourselves or our partners depending on your level of risk, should this be required
  • Develop internal awareness and competence with RoSPA-approved eLearning training, including fire safety essentials, fire wardens and DSEAR courses
  • Access expert-created templates, checklists and forms from our full-version Knowledge Hub available via myWorkNest
  • Maintain safety and compliance with unlimited advice and support from a dedicated Health & Safety specialist

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Develop your fire strategy, minimise the potential for harm

All organisations, regardless of size or sector, should have a fire strategy. Do you have an evacuation plan setting out a suitable method for raising the alarm and means of escape? Are your fire management system and fire safety controls monitored for effectiveness? Do staff know what to do in the event of a fire through induction training, regular refreshers and drills?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, your fire prevention strategy and emergency arrangements may fall short of legal requirements and you may be putting your people, business and reputation at risk.

To discuss your specific needs and enquire about the right fire safety support for your business, contact us on 0345 226 8393.

Popular FAQs

Common fire safety queries and questions about our service, answered by our Health & Safety specialists.

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The Regulatory Reform 2005 states that it is an absolute requirement for the responsible person to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment. The responsible person is the main duty holder, and WorkNest can assist by completing this for you.

Do I need to have all my portable appliances tested annually?

You must make sure electrical equipment is safe if it can cause damage, but the law does not say how you must do this or how often. Besides regular user checks, the HSE recommends that all portable equipment is visually inspected at initial intervals which could be between six months and four years depending on the type of equipment. The regulator also states that portable equipment that is not double insulated should have a portable appliance test at initial intervals which could be between one and five years depending on the type of equipment.

How do I store flammable chemicals safely?

Flammable chemicals should be stored in secure fire-resistant containers/cabinets when not in use. Consider limiting the quantity on site to further reduce the fire hazard.

How do I monitor the actions arising from my Fire Risk Assessment?

Your WorkNest General Risk Assessment (or Fire Risk Assessment as appropriate) will identify any areas of non-compliance. Afterwards, you will receive an electronic report that includes a prioritised action plan together with practical advice to remedy shortfalls.
Every client gets access to our award-winning Health & Safety Software which can be used to manage all health and safety responsibilities quickly and efficiently. The software includes apps that enable you to manage any actions arising from the General Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment, as well as conduct workplace inspections, develop risk assessments and record and investigate accidents. It also includes a repository for all your health and safety documentation, including your Health & Safety Policy and Handbook.

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Experts in Health & Safety support

If you’re not confident in your current practices, or don’t have professional support in place, our network of qualified Health & Safety Consultants can help you to build a safe and compliant working environment through expert support tailored to your organisation.

  • Approved by a Primary Authority
  • Dedicated specialists with recognised qualifications
  • Genuine hands-on experience of managing risk
  • Unlimited 24/7 advice, award-winning software and policy support
  • The confidence to act as one of your competent persons

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