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Navigating the intricacies of employment law can be a daunting task, especially for small and medium-sized organisations that may not have access to in-house employment law specialists.

When employee relations issues arise, employers commonly either attempt to understand the legal position themselves or rely on an employee with limited knowledge of employment law. However, with the complexities involved and new case law emerging continuously, going it alone exposes you to legal risks.

That’s where WorkNest comes in, trusted by over 40,000+ UK businesses and organisations. 

Fixed-fee Employment Law Specialists

At WorkNest, we recognise the challenges you face and understand that having access to dedicated employment law specialists is crucial. Our focus is on providing tailored fixed-fee packages, empowering you to build a set-cost subscription model that suits your exact requirements.  This way, you can access expert advice and support without the need to employ an in-house legal specialist or worry about escalating hourly solicitors’ fees. What’s more, as an unlimited, fixed-fee service, we’re are typically 45% cheaper than the hourly cost of a law firm without compromising on quality.

Our dedicated Employment Law specialists form a small, personalised team led by a senior lawyer, committed to getting to know you and your organisation intimately. This personal touch ensures that the advice we offer is not only legally sound but also pragmatic, commercial, and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re grappling with absenteeism, managing underperforming employees, or navigating complex processes like redundancy, WorkNest is here to guide you every step of the way.

Plus, unlike other fixed-fee companies who claim to be Employment Law specialists, our commercially-savvy advisers have over 300 years’ combined experience, and the majority are qualified solicitors or members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. We’re also recognised as a leading employment law firm by The Legal 500, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Need expert guidance on employment issues?

Providing Employment Specialists Throughout the UK

When you work with WorkNest, there will always be an employment law specialist near you. Our commitment to nationwide coverage means that no matter where your business is located, as your trusted partner for employment law, our nationwide reach ensures there are employment law specialists near you, ready to support your business.

We have employment law specialists throughout the UK, either based at our offices in Aberdeen, Chester, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Glasgow, Horsham, Kettering and London, or working remotely. We understand that the challenges you face are diverse, and our experts are equipped to navigate the intricacies of employment law specific to your region.

Our team of specialist employment solicitors have a “win rate” of 79% for claims that go to Final Hearing, far better than the national average and head and shoulders above our competitors.
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Do I really need Employment Law support?

Now that Employment Tribunal fees have been scrapped, employees have essentially nothing to lose by pursuing claims for unfair dismissal, breach of contract, unlawful deductions from wages or discrimination against their employer. As such, any missteps you make have potentially serious consequences.

It’s a situation no employer wants to face. Defending an Employment Tribunal claim is a stressful, costly and time-consuming process and may cause significant harm to your reputation, thereby affecting your ability to do business and attract and retain new staff.

In the unfortunate event of facing an Employment Tribunal claim, we will conduct a full handover to our Litigation Team so that they are well-equipped to defend you.  With working knowledge of best practice and an intricate understanding of the law, our Employment law specialist will be best placed to advise you on your options, highlight the risks involved, and guide you through the process to your preferred outcome.

What can our specialist employment solicitors help with?

Our unlimited, fixed-fee service is designed to give you all the support you need to manage your workforce effectively with minimal disruption and legal risk.

To save you time and money and ensure the best possible protection for your organisation, your team of specialist employment lawyers will:

  • Provide unlimited advice and guidance on all your workforce issues and employment law queries;
  • Review (or, if necessary, draft) your Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbook; and
  • Draft any employment-related letters or documents you require, including settlement agreements.

Whether you’re in the midst of a crisis or just looking for a second opinion, support from an Employment Law specialist is the quickest and safest way to approach employee matters without destabilising your teams or falling foul of legal pitfalls. 

Plus, unlike using a law firm, our comprehensive fixed-fee service also gives you access to:

  • Simple-to-use HR and case management software;
  • 275+ engaging e-Learning courses to help keep your business compliant, free for 12 months;
  • Expert-created document templates and guidance notes;
  • Regular employment law updates and support through changes; and
  • Specialist litigation support in the event of an Employment Tribunal claim.
Our specialist employment lawyers support 35,000 clients and are responsible for advising on over half a million employees UK-wide.

Why might I need an employment contract specialist?

Many people come to us in need of an expert review of their contractual documentation.

When it comes to managing employment matters such as absences, resignations and employee grievances, the first port of call before taking action is always to check the terms and conditions set out in your Contracts of Employment, as well as the policies within your Employee Handbook.

Together, these essential documents help you to establish your expectations, set out your processes and demonstrate compliance – making them pivotal to preventing disputes and protecting your business, reputation and financial interests.

As part of our fixed-fee service, WorkNest assigns employment contract lawyers to review, update or re-draft your core employment documents to ensure they are watertight, fit for purpose and offer maximum protection and flexibility for your organisation.

Once you’re happy with the updated documentation, your team of specialist employment lawyers will assist you in rolling these out across your workforce, by drafting appropriate letters to employees. And if the law changes, we’ll be on hand to help you make any changes you need to, so you’re always legally compliant.

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Not confident in your ability to manage workforce issues in line with the law? Don’t risk going it alone. Our tailored Employment Law support can help to relieve your people pressures and keep your organisation on the right track.

To talk through your specific needs and find out how WorkNest’s specialist employment solicitors can become a high-quality extension of your team, call 0345 226 8393 or request a free consultation by clicking the button below.

Quick-fire Employment Law Guides


An employee wants to withdraw their resignation. Do I have to let them?

It is quite common for employees to quit in the heat of the moment, only to have a change of heart once the dust has settled. In these circumstances, there is no black and white answer. Whether you should allow an employee to retract their resignation will depend on the particular circumstances and the length of time that has passed. 

Crucially, case law has suggested that accepting a resignation at face value, especially in emotionally-charged situations, may constitute unfair dismissal. For this reason, it is always wise to give the employee time to reflect on their decision to reduce the scope for claims.

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Is dismissal the only option in cases of gross misconduct?

No, though employers often believe this to be the case. If an employee’s behaviour destroys the relationship of mutual trust and confidence between to an irreparable extent, dismissal is one of the options available to you, but it is not a foregone conclusion. Other sanctions may be more appropriate, such as a formal written warning or demotion.

What is most reasonable will depend on the severity and nature of the offence and the employee’s disciplinary record. It is important to consider alternatives to dismissal – and follow a fair procedure – or a Tribunal may find the dismissal unfair.

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Should I treat an employee’s mental health issues as a disability?

To qualify as a disability, an employee’s condition must be substantial and long-term. This means it must have a considerable impact on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities and must have persisted (or be likely to persist) for at least 12 months.

In respect to claims for disability discrimination, a Tribunal has recently ruled that in order for discrimination to be possible, the employee’s condition must have been established as a disability at the relevant time. In other words, if the employee’s impairment had only persisted for six months at the time of the alleged discriminatory acts, discrimination will not have occurred.

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I’m looking for an Employment Law specialist near me.

We have Employment Law specialists throughout the UK. Some of our advisers are based at our offices in Aberdeen, Chester, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Glasgow, Horsham, Kettering and London, and some work remotely throughout the UK.


Wherever you’re based, we offer unlimited telephone and email support delivered by dedicated experts, who will take the time to get to know your organisation, your goals and the specific challenges you face so that they can offer highly pragmatic advice tailored to your circumstances and objectives.

What are reasonable adjustments?

Employees with a mental or physical health condition which meets the definition of a disability under section 6 of the Equality Act 2010 are legally entitled to ‘reasonable adjustments’.

These are measures that the employer should implement to help mitigate any disadvantage experienced by the employee in the workplace due to their condition. Reasonable adjustments may involve physical adaptations and the provision of specialist equipment, but they can also include amending shift patterns, start and finish times and the employee’s responsibilities.

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Are employees entitled to time off for moving house?

Unlike some other European countries, UK law does not provide employees with a statutory right to time off because they are moving house. Such requests are granted at the employer’s discretion.

In most cases, employees will need to dip into their annual leave entitlement. If they have no holidays left to take, there is no legal right to unpaid time off, though you may wish to agree to this for the sake of preserving productivity and morale.

In all cases, a consistent approach is key, as this will reduce the risk of disputes arising from treatment that is perceived to be unfair.

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