Third Sector Autumn Update | managing the cost of living crisis and employee complaints

According to a new report by the Living Wage Foundation, one in seven third sector workers are paid below the real Living Wage.

Add to this the combined effects of the COVID pandemic and cost of living crisis, and many third sector workers are now struggling to keep their heads above water.

Meanwhile, various post-pandemic frustrations are prompting an increase in workplace grievances for employers to contend with.

With organisations risking a disengaged and distracted workforce if they are unable to help alleviate cost of living concerns and deal with employee complaints correctly, join our webinar for free, practical advice.

29 September at 2.00 pm

Supporting your workforce through the cost of living crisis

The cost of living is escalating at a rapid rate, and employees’ finances have never been so squeezed. 

As soaring inflation savages living standards, many third sector staff are struggling to pay for essentials such as energy, petrol and food.

Third sector employers will be naturally concerned by reports that workers risk being ‘swept away’ by the cost of living crisis. 

Not only are soaring costs hitting staff hard, but low pay within the sector is further harming workers and threatening the stability of the services organisations provide.

But with charities also feeling the strain, you may only be able to offer so much in the way of pay increases.

So how might employers help wages go further?

Are pay rises the only ways to help third sector workers?

And with a reduction in household income associated with increased risk of mental health disorders, what more can be done to support staff wellbeing during this difficult period?

Managing the rise in grievances as the ‘normal’ work routine resumes

With the UK resuming normal working practices following two years of pandemic disruption, many third sector employers are noticing an increase in the number of workplace grievances raised by employees and volunteers.

This could be being fuelled by a number of factors: people’s expectations of work have changed, relationships with colleagues may have become fractured,  some might be unhappy with changes to working arrangements, and others may have sat on issues that are only now bubbling to the surface.

It’s likely that post-pandemic disgruntlement will result in a wave of these relatively minor grievances as we continue to adjust to new ways of working. 

Are your line managers equipped to handle them?

Do they understand the correct process to follow, and the legal risks involved?

In this free one-hour webinar, WorkNest’s Head of HR for the Third Sector, Corinne Curtis, and Senior Employment Law Adviser & Solicitor Heather Grant will be addressing charities’ current employment challenges to help you maintain engaged, productive and problem-free teams.

Learn how to handle:

  • Salary and pay benchmarking. With the cost of living crisis putting pressure on employers to give pay rises, benchmarking will help you to make informed and effective remuneration decisions. 
  • The recent increase in employee grievances. At a time of increasing financial and emotional pressure, it’s imperative that organisations understand how to respond to employee complaints fairly and consistently.
  • Other common employment law and HR issues. We’ll be sharing our recommended approach for dealing with the various workforce challenges facing third sector organisations right now.

We’ll also be taking your questions on the above topics or any other employment-related matter. Submit your questions to our hosts ahead of time via the registration form or use the chat box functionality during the webinar.

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