Managing Sickness Absence | strategies for compliance and wellbeing in health and social care

Absences among health and social care workers remain consistently higher compared to other sectors.

If sickness absence is impacting your organisation’s ability to deliver high-quality care, join WorkNest and Care 4 Quality for this informative one-hour session specifically tailored to health and social care providers.

Learn strategies for proactively preventing sickness absences and the legalities involved in the absence management process. Plus, we will discuss how providers can meet the CQC’s expectations regarding sufficient staffing levels and maintain service safety during periods of high sickness absence.

23 May, 11.00 am - 12.00 pm


According to a recent blog post by People HR, which examines sickness absence rates across different industries, the human health and social work activities sector has experienced an average increase of 33.03% in the number of people taking sick days from 2019 to 2023.

To help providers get a handle on this pervasive problem, we’re hosting a free one-hour webinar to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively manage sickness absence while ensuring compliance with employment law and CQC regulations. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve the wellbeing of your workforce and maintain organisational productivity.

What's on the agenda?

During this one-hour live update webinar, WorkNest’s Head of Team and Solicitor, Toyah Marshall, and HR Consultant, Beverley Harrison, alongside Care 4 Quality’s Compliance Practitioner, Kerry Foskett, will cover:

  • Avoiding absence: Explore strategies for promoting employee health and wellbeing – a key focus under the CQC’s new framework – so that you can prevent absences from occurring through a people-focused, employee-centric approach.
  • Addressing absence: Understand the process for managing long-term and short-term absence, employers’ obligations surrounding disability and reasonable adjustments, and the risks associated with dismissal. Plus, what policies should employers have in place?
  • Returning to work: Discover effective approaches for facilitating a return to work, including flexible work arrangements and gradual return programs, to provide necessary support and ensure successful reintegration into the workplace.
  • CQC expectations: Learn how to satisfy the regulator that you are supporting staff, maintaining a safe service and meeting staffing levels, even when absences arise. Plus, how could poor management of sickness absences impact your scoring?

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Half-day course: Managing Sickness Absence

Employee absence is the biggest non-recoverable cost to your organisation. Our Managing Sickness Absence training course will give you the confidence to deal with absence issues by offering practical advice and guidance on short-and long-term absence through to medical capability, dismissal and the law.

Webinar review

Having attended a few WorkNest webinars, I am always impressed with the no-nonsense, well-balanced guidance they provide.  Their advice gives me confidence to deal with situations that may arise in an appropriate way and the fact that they follow up with answers to all the questions posed during the webinar is an added bonus.”

Mary Greig, Scaled Solutions

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