This course gives an overview of key people management issues including, effective communication, delegation and time management skills, how to build an effective team and leadership styles. We will help you understand your role as a manager and give you practical skills to assist you in developing and managing an effective team.

Who should attend?

People who are very good at their job are not automatically good managers. Additional skills are required in order for them to grow in the role of Manager. This practical, interactive course looks at the skills needed to effectively manage a team and is ideal for newly appointed or soon to be promoted managers.


Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of a managers role and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of different leadership styles and when to use them
  • Knowledge of how to deal with difficult situations and conversations more efficiently, saving time and preventing issues recurring
  • An understanding of the key management skills including time management and delegation
  • Knowledge and understanding of building effective relationships and teams

Introduction to Management course content

Day One

Role of the Manager / Leader

It is essential that managers and leaders are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to be effective in their roles. The workshop gives an overview of different leadership styles and when to use them.

Effective Communication

This is a critical element of leadership and management and the workshop is designed to give you tips and techniques for getting positive results including questioning techniques, giving and receiving feedback and the barriers of effective communication.

Dealing with Challenging Conversations

Managers need to be able to prepare for challenging conversations, knowing how to manage and control the discussion and ensure they are talking to employees in as productive a way as possible. The workshop explains how to identify situations where challenging conversations may arise and gives tips on handling these.

Time Management

This session looks at how to manage time effectively and increase productivity, including prioritising.

Delegation Skills

Knowing how and when to delegate is an important part of a manager’s toolbox. This workshop will help you to delegate effectively by finding the right balance between managing and doing.

Running Effective Meetings

This session looks at how to organise and run effective and successful meetings, including 1:1 & team meetings.

Day Two

Effective Team Building

The second day of this programme takes a closer look at effective teams including:

  • Understanding the stages of team formation
  • How to build an effective team including:
    • Motivation Skills
    • Relationship Building
    • Team Development & Goal Setting

We finish the day by looking at how to deal with and manage change programmes.

Course duration/timings

Two-day workshop

9.30am to 4.30pm

Please call us on 0345 226 8393 if you would like to arrange an in-house course.