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Primary Authority assured advice

WorkNest has formed a Primary Authority partnership with Cheshire West and Chester Council to benefit our clients through the provision of ‘assured advice’.

By accessing our health and safety software, SafetyNest, and the Policy and Handbook provided through WorkNest, you’ll be protected from the risk of enforcement, scrutiny or action from other local authorities that have different views on what you should be doing to achieve compliance, if you follow our assured advice. 

Other independent Regulatory bodies, such as the HSE, may well take account of Primary Authority Assurance when engaging with a client.

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What is Primary Authority?

The Primary Authority (PA) initiative enables a business to form a legal partnership with a local authority that then provides assured advice on Health and Safety regulations that other local must respect even if they interpret the regulations differently. This ensures a consistent approach to regulation and enforcement in England.

How will this benefit my business?

When you become a WorkNest health and safety client, you’re automatically enrolled into a Primary Authority partnership.

This means that regardless of whether you operate from a single site (within or outside of Cheshire West and Chester Council), or have premises that span multiple local authorities, a relationship with a PA ensures that if other authorities inspect a WorkNest client then your dedicated Consultant and the co-ordinated PA partnership can be included in communications, giving you an extra layer of confidence and support.

Other local authorities will also need to accept the processes, software and procedures, that have been provided by WorkNest for you to use across your business.

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