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So you’ve just found that you have a complex HR issue. How should you resolve it?

This is a familiar position that many employers find themselves in.  After trying to Google the answer and reading through business forums, you have probably realised that it’s actually more complicated than you first thought and it’s going to take time, energy and stress to sort out.

This is why you should be outsourcing HR to specialists.

They can assist and advise you when handling sickness absences, maternity leave, misconduct, grievances, redundancies and dismissals. They can help you ensure you and your managers can deal with HR issues quickly and effectively and guide you through HR procedures to minimise the risks of Employment Tribunals claims.

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The benefits of outsourced HR

Outsourcing HR can provide significant benefits for organisations. By handing over HR activity to a specialised service provider, businesses can save time and money.  Outsourced HR providers have expertise in areas like payroll, employee relations, recruitment, compliance, administration and training, allowing internal staff to focus on core business aims. This can lead to increased efficiency and reduced overhead costs. Additionally, outsourcing HR reduces the burden of staying current with constantly evolving employment laws, keeping organisations compliant and reducing risk.

How can outsourcing HR to Employment Law specialists help you?


If you have no HR support, outsourcing HR means that you can:

  • Access to specialist skills, knowledge and experience that you simply don’t have in-house
  • Ensure that you are acting in compliance with the law
  • Focus on your core business
  • Save money as it is cheaper than hiring a HR team or team of lawyers

HR Team

If you have limited or stretched internal support, outsourcing HR ensures you can:

  • Forget the day to day HR headaches
  • Gives your HR staff the chance to call and email the HR expert. They may wish to double check a point of law, get an answer to their query or simply obtain a second opinion.
  • spend more time creating and implementing your strategy

HR Management Software

If you’re looking for employment law specialist support, our HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple. Provided as part of our online portal, the software allows you to store employee data, lets you manage holidays and absences, can be used to record training and qualifications, and acts as a reporting tool for managers. Find out more here.

Why should WorkNest be my HR outsourcing solution?

Whatever sector you operate in and whatever type of HR outsourcing solution you need, we have the right option for you.

Our outsourced HR and Employment Law service offers you:

  • Top quality advice – This will be delivered by a legally qualified and experienced Employment Law Adviser.
  • One point of contact – You won’t be passed from one department to the next or have to wait endlessly for advice.
  • Bespoke drafting of letters and contracts – Instead of using generic templates, your HR documentation will be clear, robust and fit for purpose and aligned to your best interests.
  • Fixed fee – You know how much your spending and can budget accordingly knowing that there will be no surprise charges.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance – We will defend the claim and the insurance will pay Employment Tribunal compensation awarded against you or settlement monies.

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