Preferential rates apply on WorkNest services for Master Locksmiths Association members

From time to time, you may need extra help with your people and safety responsibilities. Upgrading to our One2One services gives you access to unlimited personalised support from named professionals at a highly preferential fixed-fee.

What’s included

Our action-based Health & Safety service will help you to ensure the wellbeing of your employees and customers, as well as achieve compliance with relevant regulations. Your business will benefit from:

  • 24/7 support from your own qualified Health & Safety Consultant with experience implementing best practice within your business environment, who will help you to comply with all necessary regulations as your legally-required competent person.
  • An initial visit to your premises to conduct General and Fire Risk Assessments which is bespoke to your business setting, followed by subsequent visits to review and update your Health & Safety Management System.
  • In between visits, unlimited telephone and email support to answer any queries, offer reassurance, and help you identify proportionate, sensible solutions your health and safety challenges.
  • A bespoke action plan to align your business to regulatory and legal inspection standards.
  • A bespoke Health & Safety Policy and Health & Safety Handbook to outline your approach to managing risk and promote best practice, covering key areas such as accidents and incidents, COSHH, DSE, electricity, fire, first aid, manual handling, safe use of equipment, risk assessment and waste.
  • Any-time access to your own dedicated online portal containing all your important documents plus our award-winning health and safety compliance software and library of practical guidance notes and helpful templates.
  • Emergency assistance in the event of enforcement visits and accident investigations.

Specialists in the professional services sector

WorkNest a leading provider of Health & Safety advice to businesses across 30 different sectors. As such, you can be assured that your dedicated adviser will have in-depth experience and specialist expertise working within professional service settings. We understand that you are operating in a busy and challenging environment; we will support you and relieve some of your legal and compliance burdens so that you can protect your staff, customers and visitors allowing you to focus on delivering your own services.

Our Health & Safety clients receive advice that has been assured by a local regulator acting as a Primary Authority (PA).  This means that our processes, procedures and level of expertise have been reviewed, approved and signed off by Cheshire West and Chester Council to allow us to enter into a ‘co-ordinated partnership’. 

Our advice can be used with confidence across your business.  Whether you operate from a single site or have premises that span multiple local authorities, a relationship with a PA ensures that other authorities wishing to inspect Ellis Whittam clients will be required to firstly engage with the PA before making contact with you. 

We are the first Health & Safety Consultancy in the UK to be approved to provide assured advice, which is testament to our quality of service.  All this offers significant benefits to our clients.

Providing you follow our advice, your business should:

  • Be protected against the risk of enforcement, scrutiny or action from authorities that have different views on what you should be doing to achieve compliance;
  • Benefit from a strengthened ongoing relationship with both regulators and future interactions with businesses throughout England, Wales and Scotland; and
  • Be viewed as being ‘in safe hands’ when you join us – both within your business and from those looking in.


Some businesses choose to gain PA status themselves working with a local authority directly.  This can be time-consuming and is usually only undertaken by large companies.  If you join Ellis Whittam, we’ve already done the hard work for you and you benefit in the same way.

Join us and gain access to a single source of advice that you can immediately trust and implement across your whole business.

Protection against claims and enforcement action

Average fines for health and safety breaches have risen 381% since sentencing guidelines were introduced in 2016 and Fee for Intervention charges could see employers charged £157 an hour if the regulator becomes involved in investigating a breach of health and safety law.

As well as helping you to maintain compliance, our optional FCA-regulated Legal Expenses Insurance covers your legal costs in the event of health and safety prosecution and fees imposed by the enforcing authority.

To find out more about our Health & Safety One2One support, call 0345 226 8393 or email and quote MLA.  

 Preferential rates apply on WorkNest services for MLA members

Coronavirus Advice Hub

Businesses across the UK are naturally concerned about the spread of coronavirus and what it means for them.

With the situation evolving daily, our Coronavirus Advice Hub is designed to offer a single source of regularly updated guidance so that you can take decisive action, minimise disruption, and keep people safe.

We support The National Pharmacy Association's members with their HR and Health & Safety.

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