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Dealing with a difficult employee? Not sure your HR practices are compliant? Struggling to keep up to date with legal changes?

A Unique Fixed-Fee Employment Law Company

Partnering with a reliable employment law company is crucial for businesses facing workforce challenges. Traditional law firms might seem like the only option for accessing specialist expertise, but at WorkNest, we provide the same high-quality advice for a fixed fee. This ensures that you gain access to professional employment law services at a fraction of the cost, with complete cost certainty. 

High-quality legal advice, complete cost certainty

Employment law companies vary in shape and size, but what truly matters is receiving the best possible advice, feeling supported, and understanding the costs from the outset. Traditional law firms may offer quality advice but they come with hourly fees that can spiral out of control. On the other hand, using low-cost fixed-fee providers may lead to generic advice and hidden auto-renewal clauses. WorkNest combines the best of both worlds, providing a unique service without any unpleasant surprises.

With our unique service, you’ll benefit from:

  • A dedicated, legally-qualified Employment Law Adviser: You will be assigned a named professional from our experienced team, most of whom are qualified solicitors or members of CILEx. Your adviser will get to know your organisation, how you operate and the specific challenges you face so that they can support you as an extension of your team.
  • Unlimited practical advice: We offer a constant source of advice and guidance, covering day-to-day employee relations issues such as sickness absence, to more complex challenges such as redundancy and TUPE.
  • Fixed fees, even if your organisation grows:  As a truly transparent employment law company, we’re upfront about our costs, with no hidden charges or hourly fees to worry about. Plus, because we believe quality of service should dictate whether you remain with us or not, you won’t find auto-renewal clauses in our contracts.


Unlike some larger fixed-fee employment law companies, our support is tailored to your individual needs, and we’re known for our personal approach. This means more tailored advice, step-by-step guidance from a single expert, quicker resolutions, and outcomes that are preferable to you. 

Working with businesses across the UK

Our team is strategically positioned across the UK to ensure that your business always has an employment law specialist nearby, ready to understand your specific challenges. This flexibility allows businesses from various industries and areas to harness the full potential of WorkNest’s dedicated Employment Law specialists.

Our commitment to nationwide coverage ensures that, regardless of your business’s location, WorkNest is ready to be your trusted employment law partner. We understand that businesses differ not only in industry but also in the challenges they face based on their location. Our fixed-fee model is designed to cater to this diversity, offering a cost-effective solution that provides unlimited access to expert advice, regardless of your business’s size or sector. 

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