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Luiza Robson

Starting her career as an HR administrator for a law firm before going on to work as an HR assistant for a charity, Luiza Robson has plenty of HR experience under her belt, as well as a post-graduate degree in HR Management.

“I completed it and attained a commendation”, she says, “but in hindsight it was a bit of a crazy thing to do with two young children in tow, one of whom was just six months old at the time. I was very sleep deprived!”

Now a seasoned HR professional, Luiza works as part of our HR Consultancy Team. We caught up with her about her WorkNest journey so far.

About Luiza

HR Consultant

Joined WorkNest in August 2020

"The culture at WorkNest is engaging and empowering. The senior leadership team treat us like real people and recognise that we have a life outside of work – they are always friendly and approachable."

What’s your career journey been like?

It’s been quite the ride! I started out as an HR Adviser for Deminos Consulting back in August 2020, then in 2021 the company joined forces with several other leading businesses to form WorkNest. From there, I moved into the Outsourcing Team as an HR Adviser, where I supported a wide range of clients with their HR matters. I’ve recently been promoted to HR Consultant, so I’ll be moving internally to the London Team soon – it’s my second evolution in as many years and I’m excited to see what this next chapter holds!

Why do you love coming to work?

The variety! As a consultant, no two days are the same – for me that’s a big part of what makes my job enjoyable. One day I’ll be knee deep in a benchmarking report, the next I’ll be helping a client crack a tricky employee relation case. The HR Consultancy Team at WorkNest are fantastic and super supportive – always eager to share knowledge and help each other grow.

What’s the culture like?

The culture at WorkNest is engaging and empowering. The senior leadership team update us regularly on what’s happening within the company and their plans for growth, so we’re always in the loop. There’s an open environment where staff are heard and their comments are taken into account. WorkNest also prioritises employee wellbeing and hosts lots of events throughout the year, from yoga sessions to presentations from health experts and book clubs. They understand the importance of work-life balance, which is especially important as a working parent, and offer flexible working arrangements to support employees. Above all, the senior leadership team treat us like real people and recognise that we have a life outside of work – they are always friendly and approachable.

What do you love most about your job?

Making our clients happy! Whether I’ve helped them conquer a project or achieve a positive outcome, getting positive feedback is guaranteed to make me leave work happy.

Why are you proud to work at WorkNest?

For many reasons, but what’s particularly evident is that as a company, WorkNest truly understands clients’ needs and strives to deliver exceptional service, which aligns with my own values. I’m proud to be a part of such a dedicated and driven team.

What advice would you give to new starters?

Get to know your colleagues and managers, share your knowledge with your co-workers, and learn from one another. I’ve already learned so much in my two years at WorkNest and I’m sure you will too – it’s a great place to grow both professionally and personally.

Why not join our team?

There are so many great career opportunities at WorkNest and, as Luiza’s story demonstrates, we’re all about giving colleagues the opportunity to develop and challenge themselves professionally, while recognising the need for work-life balance and encouraging people to prioritise wellness.

If that resonates with you, and you’re looking for an exciting career in an organisation with an empowering and engaging culture, we’re always looking for passionate and talented people to join our team.

Head over to our Careers page to find your next HR role.

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