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Claire Tydd, Head of Client Experience

Claire's background

As the Head of our Client Experience Team, Claire Tydd is almost solely responsible for what we consider to be one of the most valuable aspects of our service. During her time in the role, Claire has confidently dealt with and overseen the experience of more than 3,000 clients, from their first contract right the way through to the renewal stage. 

Claire’s confidence and know-how comes from 13 years in the mobile phone industry (including management positions in distribution, purchasing, sales and accounts) –  experience which she puts to good use in managing a team of 12. In just six years, Claire has become one of the most indispensable members of the WorkNest team and plays a huge part in our mission to deliver exceptional service.

An interview with Claire

What was your background before joining WorkNest?

I’ve spent the majority of my career so far working in the mobile phone industry. Before EW, I held various roles with one of the UK’s leading mobile phone and accessory distributors, including management positions in distribution, purchasing, sales and account management. This constituted 13 years of my career, following which I took a three-year break to have children. When I returned to working life in 2016, I applied for the role of Sales Operations Manager at WorkNest, a position I was well-suited for based on my background. I was later asked to look after the Health & Safety administration team on a short-term basis as their team leader was leaving the business; six years on and I have successfully developed the team into the Client Experience Team we have today.

What does your role at WorkNest entail?

My primary responsibly, of course, is managing the Client Experience Team, and every day is always different in this regard. The general goal is to ensure that we are all engaging with clients and consultants to schedule annual site visits. To do this, and keep things ticking over as they should, I tend to produce reports on a daily basis, which in turn helps the senior management team in managing KPIs and capacity planning. One of our main objectives as a team is to ensure that our clients are set up with access to our ‘MyEW’ portal and the software platforms within it. We therefore actively engage with each client in a dedicated onboarding session to ensure that they are able to log in, access and manage everything they need. For us, the process of managing the client’s experience begins right from the beginning when they first sign the contract, all the way through to the point where a renewal is agreed. In that sense, it’s a completely comprehensive experience. My team supports all of WorkNest’s clients, whether they are Employment Law, Health & Safety or a combined service client; during my time at EW, I’ve personally overseen and managed the experience of more than 3,000 clients.

Which aspect of the role do you enjoy the most, and which do you find most challenging?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is ensuring that we are consistently engaged with our clients. This generally involves developing a genuine and intimate understanding of their business needs (both for Employment Law and Health & Safety) and delivering them in an effective manner. We do this by offering a bespoke service which ensures that each client benefits from our wealth of expertise in exactly the right way. We believe that WorkNest should become an extension of the client’s own business, and that this makes for a much more personal experience and produces better results. I also enjoy the continual process of improving our client portal and internal systems, and exploring new ways we can become more efficient, enabling us to dedicate more time to client engagement and less time to administration.

How would you describe your approach?

Quite simply, my approach is to ensure that, as a Client Experience Team, we are able to offer the best client experience from day one. I understand all too well how important the client relationship is, and how crucial it is to tailor a service to the client’s individual needs, and this is something I strive to do at every turn. For instance, some clients may not be as ‘techy’ as others, so in this case, I would make sure we adapt our onboarding process to better suit them so that they can get the most out of our support. I also work hard to guarantee that my team is approachable and friendly, yet professional and efficient; I believe a fine balance is required in order to deliver the best possible experience.

Can you share any achievements or success stories?

One of my responsibilities is to help design and fine-tune our client platform, and I recently worked on a project to create a new profiling option within it. This new system enables us to work with the client to further tailor the platform to their specific needs so that it can be seamlessly embedded into their daily routine. This is something I’m particularly proud of, as this platform plays such a major role in how my team functions and ultimately achieves its success. Aside from that, I’m very proud to have set up, nurtured and evolved the Client Experience Team into what it is today. We now have a team of 12 great people supporting our clients, and I truly believe that we deliver an excellent service. To know that I started this whole thing from scratch is certainly one of my proudest career achievements.

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