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Everyone says they put clients at the heart of their business. Here’s what we’re doing at WorkNest to demonstrate our commitment to a great customer experience.

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We have a dedicated, proactive Client Management Team

As well as being assigned your own Employment Lawyer, HR Consultant and/or Health & Safety Consultant, you’ll work with a specific member of our Client Management Team throughout your time with us. Their job is to make sure you’re happy, proactively seek feedback and help you to get the most of our support, without you having to come to us. 

We run a client survey every year

We always want to know what’s working well and what we could do better – so we ask you annually. Every single response to our survey is reviewed by our management team and shared with the whole company so that we can celebrate our successes and take steps to improve. We think we’re on the right track: our November 2020 survey, with a response rate of over 70%, reported record levels of client loyalty. And we still work with our first ever client. 

We check our Customer Thermometer daily

In between our annual survey, we can get a sense of how we’re performing through our Customer Thermometer – a star rating system included in the footer of our emails that allows you to give our team immediate feedback on their support. Our overall Happiness Factor from 2019 to today is 99.2%.

We reward our people based on your feedback

Our people are rewarded for delivering brilliant service that exceeds your expectations. We use an internationally recognised tool to measure it, and, unlike other businesses, we only consider 9 or 10 out of 10 as good enough.

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99.2%  Client happiness rating

97%  Client retention rating

Who we work with

Proud to support over 
40,000 UK employers

Our clients range from small businesses with fewer than 50 staff at a single location, through to large household names employing thousands of people at multiple sites across the UK. Whatever your size or sector, we have solutions to suit your needs.

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Our people are the most 
important part of our service.

From our highly-qualified advisory teams that deliver dedicated support to our clients, to our back-office teams that ensure a smooth service, we’re exceptionally proud of the team we have.