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Redundancy and Restructuring | process, people and protecting your business

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No business wants to face a redundancy situation. But with inflation still above 10% and expected to remain high until the middle of 2023, many employers will be forced to make cutbacks and restructure their teams.

So what are your options? What’s the most efficient, least disruptive approach? And how should you handle communication and the human impact?

Watch the webinar to hear our legal and HR experts explain the key components of a fair process, plus get answers to common queries around selection criteria, scoring matrixes and developing your business case.



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  • Optional Legal Expenses Insurance for added protection against claims

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What do you think is behind underperformance in the workplace?

Well, according to 558 employers who took our recent poll, there at three main drivers.

Solicitor and Employment Law Adviser Danielle Scott shares advice on how to tackle these obstacles head-on in this short video.

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Example Redundancy Selection Matrix

This template matrix will help to ensure those at risk of redundancy are evaluated and scored fairly and consistently against an objective set of criteria. We’ve included some helpful guidance in the ‘comments’ section of the document.

Redundancy At-Risk Letter

This template letter can be used to inform employees that they are at risk of being made redundant and explain the consultation process.

10-Step Guide to Redundancy

In this guide, we will walk you through the key components of a fair and legal redundancy process and the main issues to consider along the way.

Short Guide to Supporting Staff through Redundancy

This quick-reference guide covers our top five tips for dealing with the human side of making redundancies.

HR course

Restructures & Redundancies training

A redundancy or restructuring process is one of the more challenging tasks managers may be involved in. 

This practical course will equip managers with the skills and confidence that they need to face the task head on.

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