Post-COVID Employment Challenges for the Charity Sector

After 18 months of disruption, UK charities have finally started to resume a full range of activities, revive community services, and navigate the wider return to work.

However, while certain employee issues will become less of a problem now that restrictions have lifted, others are likely to emerge in their place, namely a need to shake up your workforce structure, change how people work, deal with disputes and potentially conduct complex medical capability procedures.

So, as third sector employers make the transition to more normal ways of operating and welcome back staff and volunteers, our experts have prepared a host of key resources to help you plan for the post-pandemic workplace and prepare for the various employment-related issues that may lie ahead.

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Hosted by Head of Team and solicitor, Alexandra Farmer, and Head of HR, Corinne Curtis, this comprehensive session draws on the duo’s vast experience of supporting voluntary organisations across the UK and offers straightforward, practical advice on predicted challenges, including:

  • Flexible/hybrid working;
  • Redundancies and restructuring;
  • Disciplinaries and grievances; and
  • Long-term sickness and medical capability.

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Resources from the webinar

This is a quick reference checklist for employers highlighting the main issues to consider when going through a redundancy process.

This sample policy sets out the process employees should follow if they wish to request home/hybrid working and the conditions that apply if the request is granted.


Our experts are currently in the process of responding to all the questions submitted before and during the webinar. We will share all responses in a helpful FAQ document shortly.

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Attendance Guidance Note

Sickness absence causes UK businesses billions of pounds in lost revenue each year. Proactively managing sickness absence not only reduces lost revenue but also helps employees return to work quickly after illness and sets out the standards of attendance required by your business.

This guidance note explains how to manage persistent short-term absence, unauthorised absence and long-term sickness.

Disciplinary Guidance Note

It is of great importance that employers follow proper disciplinary procedures to ensure compliance with the law on unfair dismissal, contractual obligations (including the implied duty of trust and confidence) and to ensure fair treatment of complaints under discrimination law.

This guidance note covers unfair dismissal, the key components of a fair disciplinary procedure, and dealing with appeals.

Flexible Working Guidance Note

All employees that have at least 26 weeks’ service with their employer have a legal right to request flexible working. The right is to make the request, have it considered in a reasonable manner and for any refusal to be based on certain specified
business reasons. There is no right to flexible working.

This guidance note explains how employees should make a flexible working application, how requests should be considered, and how to accept or reject them.

Grievance Guidance Note

Grievances are concerns or complaints that employees raise about their terms and conditions of employment, other employees or their employer. All employers should have a procedure to deal with grievances and should follow it.

This guidance note covers written procedure, conducting a grievance hearing, and managing appeals.

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