COVID-19 live Q&A for Logistics: Safety, sustainability and managing staff

12 November 2020 | 14:00 - 14:45

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to online spending at a tremendous rate, and despite the shift back to in-store purchasing, a far higher proportion remains online. As logistics companies adjust to meet demand, flexing with the peaks and troughs as in-store purchasing picks back up, the need to protect employees whilst on other sites remains a top priority, and managing staffing levels to coincide with demand will be an ongoing challenge.

To help you keep this momentum going, we are hosting a live Q&A exclusively for logistics businesses, our experts will be addressing current sector challenges so that you can prepare for anything that may affect your bottom line.

Co-hosted by our Health & Safety Director, Nick Wilson, and our Employment Law Director, James Tamm, this free webinar will cover workforce challenges and worst-case scenarios, including:

  • Safety protocols for your workforce and the importance of risk assessments;
  • Introducing practical control measures to keep staff safe;
  • Dealing with employees raising concerns about the working environment (‘whistleblowing’);
  • Maintaining workforce social distancing whilst flexing with the peaks and troughs of demand;
  • Methods for managing ongoing COVID-related sickness and absence;
  • The right way to change employees’ terms and conditions; and
  • How to deal with safety-related refusals to work.


During this turbulent time for those operating in the logistics sector, this practical 45-minute advice session will help you to understand your health and safety obligations and legal options, ensuring you are suitably staffed and taking proactive steps to protect the sustainability of your business as we all adjust to the ‘new norm’.

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Throughout the pandemic, our Employment Law and Health & Safety specialists have continued to produce free, practical guidance and templates for employers. 

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