Tackling Toxic Behaviours in Town & Parish Councils

According to WorkNest’s recent survey, a staggering 70% of toxic behaviour in the workplace goes unresolved. More worryingly, as a result of ignoring toxic behaviours, or failing to successfully resolve them, 63% of employers have lost one or more employees due to the knock-on effect on company culture and team morale.

If you’re struggling to address toxic behaviours in your town or parish council, join NALC’s  legal and HR partners, WorkNest, to learn how to approach difficult conversations with employees, what tools you can use to evidence the issue, and what action you can take if employees revert to type following the discussion.

15 January at 2.15 pm

Toxic employees come in many forms, from chronic complainers whose negative energy impacts others to individuals who have a tendency to deflect blame when challenged about their performance. Sometimes these issues can stem from a wider toxic culture that’s been left to develop over a period of time.

Getting to the root cause of the toxicity and challenging it in an appropriate manner can be tough. Rarely will employers have policies or procedures that outline the correct approach and, in most cases, the first step will be for line managers to have a difficult conversation with the employee in question, which can be daunting.

As our research unveiled, attempts to address toxic behaviour can lead to the employee:

  • Blaming others
  • Raising a grievance
  • Leaving the business

It’s therefore essential that you understand how best to address these issues to prevent toxic behaviour from taking hold and escalating into bigger issues such as increased turnover, reputational damage and even legal issues.

During this highly-requested free one-hour webinar, Employment Law Adviser and Solicitor, Kimberly Moss, and Senior HR Consultant Christian Vincent will answer several pertinent questions, including:

  • Do you have a toxic person or a toxic culture in your town council – and what’s driving this behaviour?
  • How can you address toxic behaviour in the absence of clear evidence?
  • What behaviours could be considered toxic, and when do they cross the line into misconduct?
  • What are the costs and consequences to the town council of doing nothing?

To bring these areas to life, our hosts will share:

  • Case studies on the three most common types of toxic employees, including how to approach difficult conversations and what to do if the employee/volunteer reverts to type or blames someone else for their actions.
  • Examples of other types of toxic behaviour which often fly under the radar.

Have a question?

We will round off the session with a live Q&A to give you an opportunity to put your questions to our experts. Due to time constraints, please submit your questions in advance via the registration form. Any that we are unable answer during the session will be addressed in an FAQ document afterwards.

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WorkNest survey shows 70% of toxic behaviour in the workplace goes unresolved

To help us gather research to support this webinar, we surveyed over 460 employers on their experience of toxic behaviours in the workplace. Take a look at some of our findings (they’re pretty eye-opening)!

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“The webinar was a good length at one hour, well-paced and the content was valuable and relevant. I often get more benefit from a one-hour webinar from WorkNest than an entire training day from other providers.”

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