Maintaining Standards of Care | Preparing for the New CQC Framework and Managing Staff Shortages

With the independent regulator moving to a risk-based model, the frequency and format of CQC inspections – and the evidence healthcare providers are expected to present – is set to change from Spring 2023.

Meanwhile, with staffing shortages plaguing the sector, providers must take steps to ensure a sparser workforce doesn’t negatively impact quality of care, safety and staff performance.

Join our free webinar to get prepared for upcoming CQC changes and ensure current workforce pressures aren’t compromising your service standards or safety protocols.

20 July at 2.00 pm

Hosted by WorkNest’s Principal Employment Law Adviser and Solicitor, Toyah Marshall, Principal Health & Safety Consultant, Charles Spencer, and Former CQC Inspector from CQC Compliance, Victoria Carey, this 45-minute session will help you to:

  • Get clear on how the new CQC framework impacts your setting;
  • Adapt your current processes to meet the new requirements for inspections (including quality statements, evidence gathering and remote monitoring);
  • Tackle challenges surrounding underperformance within an already stretched team;
  • Reduce the likelihood of health and safety incidents occurring as a result of staff shortages by helping you to unpick what’s a legal requirement versus what’s a control measure so that you can ensure you’re following a risk-based approach.

Our hosts will be taking your questions at the end of the session; if you have a query regarding the new framework or a specific scenario you would like expert guidance on, please provide a brief overview via the registration form so that we can give it some thought in advance.

Please bear in mind we only have a limited time available but will endeavour to address as many submissions as we can. Any queries that our hosts don’t have time to answer live will be covered in an FAQ document following the session.

Last year, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) announced a new strategy which would bring all health and social care providers under one single framework to provide more consistency across services. This new regime is currently being piloted with a small number of providers and a subsequent rollout across the board is expected in Spring 2023.

As such, providers will be expected to implement certain changes in the context of the CQC’s four new areas of focus:

  • People and communities
  • Smarter regulation
  • Safety through learning
  • Accelerating improvement

During this informative session, we’ll be walking you through the framework and how to prepare, concentrating on key areas such as how you structure statements, quality indicators to include when evidence gathering, observations and processes.

At a time when there’s widespread staff shortages across the sector, quality of care is already being compromised and the likelihood of safety incidents occurring is rising.

In the second part of this session, WorkNest’s Employment Law and Health & Safety healthcare experts will be providing practical advice and answering questions to help you reduce these risks across your workforce.

This will include focusing on common cultural issues our experts are noticing more frequently, such as underperforming staff doing the bare minimum because they are aware action is less likely to be taken against them at a time when providers can’t afford to shed any more staff.

The fallout from this is often control measures and checks being missed, which could negatively impact your rating when inspected, as well as land you with enforcement notices, penalties and prosecution from the Health and Safety Executive – so it’s crucial you tackle these problems compliantly before they spiral out of control.

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Bespoke CQC-ready documentation

To help you get set up for success and demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements, we can provide bespoke policies, procedures and compliance support through our sister company, CQC Compliance.

Working alongside former CQC inspectors, CQC registration managers, an NHS Governance Director and expert CQC policy writers, you can be confident you have the right expertise on hand to ensure your healthcare service not only meets but exceeds all expectations.

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