Employment Law Update | April changes and what lies ahead

2024 is shaping up to be a busy year for employment law.

From holiday pay to TUPE, protections for pregnant mothers to flexible working, a raft of new regulations are on their way – and some have already been brought into force at the start of the year.

To help you digest these developments and understand how they might impact your policies, procedures and staff training, our employment law experts are returning for another free one-hour webinar, where they will walk you through what’s new, what’s just around the corner, and what’s still to come.

18 April, 2.00 - 3.00 pm


After years of confusion, on 1 January 2024, the government introduced new Regulations that have overhauled holiday pay and entitlement rules once more.

Following a government U-turn on the Supreme Court’s decision in Harpur Trust v Brazel, the new provisions allow employers to revert back to the widely-utilised 12.07% method for calculating leave entitlement for irregular hours and part-year workers – something that many employers had since moved away from. Rolled-up holiday pay is also back on the table.

Regulations governing aspects of TUPE and amendments to the Equality Act 2010 also came into effect on 1 January 2024.

And that’s just the start. More legislation is set to take effect throughout April, including the introduction of carer’s leave, changes to statutory paternity pay, and revised flexible working rules.

What's on the agenda?

During this one-hour live update webinar, Head of Team and Solicitor Hussain Kayani and Principal Employment Law Adviser and Solicitor Lesley Rennie will guide you through the recent and upcoming employment law changes that will apply to all types of workplaces, including:

  • Reforms to holiday pay and entitlement: Get up to speed on recent developments, including the latest approved methods for calculating annual leave and holiday pay, the rules on carrying over untaken leave, and changes to record-keeping requirements.
  • Equality Act 2010 amendments: Learn more about the legislation which amends the Equality Act as of 1 January 2024, preserving certain EU-derived equality rights. These include establishing an equal pay comparator and upcoming changes that will strengthen the rules around sexual harassment.
  • Changes to family-friendly rights: Get up to speed with April 2024 changes to family-friendly rights, including extended redundancy protection for new parents, the introduction of a week’s unpaid leave for carers, and changes to statutory paternity pay. Plus, get a look ahead at what’s still to come, such as additional leave and pay for employees with children receiving neonatal care.
  • TUPE changes for small businesses: Hear about recent adjustments to consultation requirements, specifically pertaining to businesses with fewer than 50 employees and transfers involving fewer than 10 employees.
  • Flexible working developments: Get acquainted with the updates to flexible working which are due be implemented on 6 April 2024, and learn how this impacts (and doesn’t impact) the way requests are dealt with.
  • Other significant changes expected in 2024: Learn what lies ahead in employment law for the remainder of the year so that you can prepare well in advance and avoid any last-minute surprises that may compromise your compliance.

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This is an interactive course that will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to manage common workplace issues confidently and in accordance with current employment law.

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