The relationship between 
employer and employee 
is under pressure

The pandemic has irreversibly transformed the way we work. New trends have revolutionised the employee experience, turning the relationship between staff and business decision-makers on its head. So, it begs the question, how do organisations bridge the gap and rebuild consensus among employees and employers?

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Our ‘Mind the Gap’ research has been 
conducted amongst thousands of 
employers and employees nationwide.

It evidences the current divide between these two groups across a whole host of employment and HR matters. The good news is that the gap isn’t unbridgeable – but organisations must take heed of the current sentiment amongst employees and respond appropriately.

In our report you’ll discover:

  • The mounting risk of discrimination
  • Bosses are more optimistic than workers
  • Many employees will act on workplace issues
  • Health and safety to remain a priority
  • Expert insights on what this means for the modern workplace
  • Recommendations on where organisations should 
focus attention based on the issues identified

Report highlights

The post-pandemic landscape

It’s hard to find a business or industry that hasn’t had a conversation about hybrid working. As such, organisations across all sectors are answering to new employee expectations and demands. Periods of transformation like this will always bring about challenges, and these must be identified and navigated carefully. Our research uncovered four key areas that business leaders must consider to reduce concern among their employees. Let’s discuss these in further detail.


of employers are confident that office-based and home-based employees will be treated evenly and fairly in the next 12 months.


of employers believe staff are
now more loyal to their company.


of employees wouldn’t hesitate to take action against their employer on a work issue.


of business decision makers say the pandemic has fundamentally changed how the organisation views workplace health and safety.

Health and safety to remain a priority

According to our Mind the Gap survey, over half of employers feel the pandemic has fundamentally changed how they view workplace health and safety. At the same time, most are still ‘reactive’ in their approach – normally only taking action in response to incidents that have already occurred.

With the pandemic still hampering businesses’ productivity and profits, and the average fine per case rising from £107,000 in 2019/20 to £145,000 in 2020/21, WorkNest’s Director of Health & Safety Services, Nick Wilson, has filmed a short video discussing our research findings in more depth to help organisations get on the front foot.

During this 10-minute round-up of the key health and safety practices you should implement in 2022, you will learn:

  • How to make health and safety everybody’s business
  • The principles of risk control
  • How to be proactive instead of reactive
  • How health and safety can help to mitigate wider workplace concerns

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