Managing Performance Issues | Following a Fair Process, Unexpected Grievances and Dismissals

Issues concerning an employee’s work broadly fall into one of two camps: employees who ‘can’t cook’ and those who ‘won’t cook’. As an employer, differentiating between these two scenarios, and following the correct process, is critical to ensuring staff are treated fairly and averting potential claims. However, all too often people managers lack the knowledge and confidence to manage performance effectively, which over time can seriously hamper productivity and negatively impact your bottom line.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to manage performance issues with confidence, your legal options if performance doesn’t improve, and how to correctly deal with grievances raised during the process.

27 January at 14:00 - Slots available
26 January at 14:00 - Fully booked
25 January at 14:00 - Fully booked

Many employers look to tackle performance issues head on at the start of a new year to get their workforce into better shape. But following the correct process down to a tee can be a real drain on managers’ time and focus, especially when often grievances crop up out of the blue. And sometimes, despite an employer’s best efforts, dismissing an employee is the only option, though this in itself can be a risky path as you will need to show that you have followed a fair procedure.

There’s also the question of when to begin addressing performance issues and this is of particular importance during a new starter’s probationary period. On one hand, you need to ensure you’ve provided them with adequate training and support to perform their role or else the spotlight will fall on you if things don’t work out. On the other hand, if they’re part-way through their probationary period and still struggling to get to grips with the role, then extending the probation and starting the performance management process early on may be a better option.

On top of all of this, with teams now more dispersed and less visible, the way organisations think about performance has changed. Do you need to adjust your performance management practices to better fit the world of hybrid work?

To ensure you feel confident and equipped to manage performance issues in 2022, WorkNest’s Principal Employment Law Adviser and Solicitor Emma Chandler will be hosting a 45-minute webinar covering:

  • Why you should regularly review employee performance, especially during probationary periods
  • The importance of addressing performance concerns early on
  • Conducting a fair performance management procedure
  • How to deal with grievances that are raised during the process
  • When you can safely dismiss an employee due to underperformance
  • How to mitigate the risk of claims
  • Tips for performance managing remote workers

At the end of the session, our expert host will be taking your questions on the topics discussed. In recognition of the limited time we have available, we recommend submitting your specific queries in advance via the registration form.

All questions submitted before or during the webinar will be answered in a helpful FAQ which we will share with all registrants after the session.

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