Employment Law Update | EU Reform Bill predictions and what’s coming in 2023

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, introduced to Parliament on 22 September 2022, has caused quite a stir. Although we doubt the current Bill will make it through Parliament intact (you can’t overthrow 50 years of employment law overnight, right?), some elements of it could very well come into effect.

Join us to hear our predictions on the main areas of employment law that are subject to change and what all of this might mean for employers.

Speaking of legislative changes, in the second half of this session, we’ll be recapping the year’s most important case law developments and what to watch out for in employment law in 2023.

1 December at 2.00 pm

What’s on the agenda?

Join Solicitor and Employment Law Adviser Tina Hyland for a comprehensive free 45-minute update, where we’ll answer questions such as:

  • Bill overview: what is it and how might it affect employers?
  • Our predictions: how will the Bill impact TUPE, Working Time Regulations, Holiday Pay, Part-time Worker Regulations, Family Friendly Legislation and Agency Worker Regulations?
  • Employment law recap: what notable case law trends and employment law changes have we seen in 2022?
  • Looking ahead: what HR challenges can employers expect in 2023?

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When the UK left the European Union, it retained a significant portion of EU-derived domestic legislation, including certain employment laws. These laws became known as “retained EU law” (REUL).

Now, the proposed Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill could completely rewrite the rule book. If passed, it could see a large proportion of these laws fall away by 31 December 2023 – unless the government positively legislates to keep it before then.

The short-lived Truss government championed the introduction of the Bill in a bid to slash EU red tape, and boost innovation and investment. But if there is mass reform, organisations will bear the brunt of it.

With so much hype and hypothesising around this topic, this webinar aims to summarise the areas of employment law that are on the table, as well as offer some insight into the likelihood of these laws being revised or repealed, and what the implications may be.

The last few years have brought unrelenting turbulence for employers as a result of Brexit, COVID and now the cost of living crisis. Each upheaval has reshaped the employment landscape, which has in turn given rise to the emergence of new types of grievances and claims from employees.

In the last few months alone, we’ve seen complex changes to holiday entitlement and pay for permanent part-year workers, and throughout the year we’ve witnessed spikes in other types of claims – namely long COVID, whistleblowing on the grounds of health and safety breaches, and protected beliefs. With so much to keep up with, the second half of this session will recap the year’s most influential case law decisions and their implications, before looking ahead to 2023 and the types of disputes employers are likely to face as we potentially head into a recession.

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