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Established in 2004, Ellis Whittam helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to create safe working environments through personalised, fixed-fee Health & Safety support. If you’re looking to offload the pressure of health and safety compliance, our expert consultants have the skills and expertise to take care of this for you and keep your business on the right track.

Chester's go-to source of competent Health & Safety support

At Ellis Whittam, we support Chester’s vibrant local economy by helping employers to save valuable time and reduce financial risk. From our central base in the picturesque village of Aldford, we work with employers in Chester and the surrounding areas and also offer Health & Safety services nationally through our network of consultants based all across the UK.

Why you might need us

  • There are many reasons why employers choose to outsource their health and safety management to our specialist team. Our fixed-fee service is the perfect solution if:
  • You struggle with the complexities of health and safety legislation and want straightforward, practical help from a source you can trust.
  • You’re concerned about the risks and consequences of failing to comply with health and safety regulations, such as accidents, injuries, fatalities at work and prosecution, and want to reduce those risks in order to protect your staff, your customers and your business. 
  • You want help implementing an effective health and safety management system to give you the confidence that they are operating compliantly, and competent advice whenever a situation arises.
  • You don’t have sufficient internal resource or expertise to deal with health and safety challenges quickly and effectively and would like some extra hands-on help.
  • You struggle with the administration involved in managing, monitoring, communicating and reporting and are looking for a software solution which streamlines all of these tasks and lets you view your compliance status at a glance.
  • You’re spending too much time dealing with day-to-day health and safety issues and want to offload this burden to a qualified professional so that you can focus on what’s important. 
  • You’re concerned about the quality and effectiveness of your existing external support and want faster, more practical, more tailored support from a named adviser who knows your business inside and out.

That’s why at Ellis Whittam, we provide you with a named Health & Safety Consultant who will act as a high-quality extension of your team, giving you access to straightforward, commercially-savvy guidance whenever you need it. Our aim is to help you to operate with complete confidence and comply with the law, while still achieving your commercial objectives. 

How our Chester Health & Safety Consultants take the pressure off

Did you know that by law, all organisations must have access to help from one or more ‘competent persons’ to enable them to meet the requirements of health and safety law?

If you’re not confident that you have the appropriate level of competence in-house to fulfil this requirement, Ellis Whittam’s qualified Health & Safety Consultants have the skills, knowledge and experience to take on this role for you.

What we do

At Ellis Whittam, we provide a complete solution to all of your health and safety management needs. This involves support from a qualified Health & Safety Consultant, who will:

  • Carry out a General Risk Assessment of your premises to identify any areas of non-compliance and create a Prioritised Action Plan detailing what needs to be done.
  • Expertly create a tailored Health & Safety Policy, an essential document that outlines your approach to health and safety and will provide direction.
  • Produce an accompanying Health & Safety Handbook for employees, based on your Health & Safety Policy, to raise awareness and encourage strong safety performance.
  • Work with you to develop your health and safety procedures and safe systems of work to minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring.
  • Provide realistic advice and straightforward solutions to any health and safety matters you come up against.

We're the full package

In addition to unlimited support from your consultant, we also give you the tools you need to approach health and safety tasks with confidence and create a strong health and safety culture.

As part of our fixed-fee service, you will also have access to:

  • Our award-winning Health & Safety Software, which will transform your approach to health and safety management;
  • An extensive catalogue of e-Learning courses for high-impact employee training; and
  • An online suite of expert-created guidance notes and document templates to save you time and eliminate health and safety guesswork.

The value of fixed-fee support

Often, in the search for competent health and safety support, employers will go to a local independent Health & Safety Consultant who charges by the hour. This means you’re hit by expensive fees and cost uncertainty.

That’s why a growing number of employers are recognising the real benefit of a high-quality, unlimited, fixed-fee service, which not only offers far better value for money but is also backed up by independent Legal Expenses Insurance to cover the rising risk of Fee for Intervention charges and health and safety prosecutions. At Ellis Whittam, our Chester Health & Safety Consultants help to protect your bottom line and offer the peace of mind of knowing that no matter how many times you need us, the amount you pay remains the same.

   We’re available now

Ellis Whittam has built a national reputation for providing a bespoke, high-quality service at a fair and fixed price. If you’re looking for hands-on support from experienced Health & Safety Consultants in Chester, or just want to talk through your needs, simply call 0345 226 8393 to speak to our friendly team.

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How will a Health & Safety Consultant make a difference to my business?

With the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) enforcement statistics revealing the high level of fines companies now routinely receive for health and safety breaches, together with confirmation of an upward trend in the level of health and safety fines, making sure that your business receives the right support is crucial to protecting your bottom line.

In fact, the average fine for breach of health and safety law last year was £147,000. At Ellis Whittam, we reduce the cost of any fine imposed by more than 85%.

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In what ways do Ellis Whittam reduce risk?

In addition to dramatically cutting the cost of any fine imposed, owing to the expertise of our consultants and our unrivalled service quality, we also successfully reduce the risk of prosecution by c.50% and reduce the risk of an enforcement notice by 60%.

Our online health and safety training also reduces the risk of accidents, and saves approximately 80% as compared to the cost of classroom training.

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